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What are the benefits of ballet?

What about boys in ballet?

What is Dance Masters of America, International, Inc?

What is the Youth Corps de Ballet?

Student accomplishments.

Myths and common misconceptions.

Appreciation of music and rhythm.

Satisfaction of accomplishments from his or her own efforts.

Value of group education.

Poise, grace, strength, flexibility, self-confidence, and self-discipline.
What are some benefits of ballet?
Ballet training will help to achieve all  of these qualities,
and many, many more!
What about
in ballet?
The male dancer has an unlimited field and numerous opportunities. The reason for this is that
there is not nearly the amount of competition that a female dancer has.
Unfortunately, when boys are old enough to overcome their own or their family's backwardness
on the subject, it is too late to develop the physical technique necessary. Male dancers not
only have the strength of an athlete, but also the form and grace necessary to execute the
most difficult physical feats, while making them appear effortless.
We are quite fortunate this season to have nine boys enrolled at Camria Ballet Academy.
While it is not required of our boys to take ballet classes,
all but two of our boys have chosen to participate in at
least one ballet class per week.
Camria Ballet Academy
offers discounts to all boys wishing
to dance!
What is Dance Masters of America,
International, Inc?
Dance Masters is an international organization, established in 1884, which strives to ensure that
teachers of the dance arts are thoroughly versed in their field. They accomplish this by a system of
extensive, rigorous testing, administered by master teachers. The tests take several hours to complete,
and consist of written, oral, and demonstration segments. Prospective members are not only tested on
their knowledge of the dance arts, but also on pedagogic methods, kinesiology, dance history, and
music. Members are also required to have a minimum of three years of actual teaching experience.

Dance Masters of America, International, Inc. also provides its members with a "Code of Ethics"
which serves as a covenant with the public, establishing a foundation for truth and integrity.
When you choose a dance teacher,
The emblem of
Dance Masters of America
Is your guarantee of experience, skill,
and professional integrity.
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The Importance of Good Training
Most important to a dancer is the body, bone structure, and endurance. The body must be molded into
an instrument. This can only be achieved slowly and scientifically, and under the best supervision
available to the student. Your child is like raw clay. It is the teacher's task to take the clay and mold it,
shape it, and fashion the dancer.
Ballet involves a highly complex technique. Acquiring the mechanics of this technique requires much
effort and time. Natural talents are meaningless until the student understands the technical difficulties.
Only then will natural talent come into play.
Every person, child or adult, is an individual and will develop individually. To help our students develop
to the fullest possible extent is our business.
What is the
Youth Corps de Ballet?
To create a "Youth Corps de Ballet" had always been a dream of Maria's, not as a group to form a
ballet "company" but rather as a means whereby young performers would gain actual stage experience
during their formative years, Their performances are designed mainly for community affairs. Maria
started the
"Youth Corps de Ballet" in 1983 with nine members. The group has grown to include over
60 members.
To become a member of the
"Youth Corps de Ballet" a student must demonstrate his/her willingness
to devote extra time and effort to their ballet training, and be able to accept the discipline and repetition
required to strive for perfection. This program instills these qualities and more. Students are rewarded
for their extra efforts through their feeling of self accomplishment. Also, as a reward for extra
determination and hard work, yearly scholarships are awarded to five students deemed "most improved"
for the past season.
"Youth Corps de Ballet" has performed in several nursing homes, at Yunker Farm, the Miss
Cass County and Miss Red River Valley Pageants, Moorhead Center Mall, West Acres, and most
recently with the Fargo-Moorhead Area Youth Symphony. We have also done two full scale holiday
performances with the Brant School of Dance Arts, Fargo, providing students with even more
performance opportunities.
Besides these performances, we plan one full scale production each season, combining both the
"Youth Corps de Ballet" and the general divisions of Camria Ballet Academy. Watch for these
performances each May.
Maria and the
beginnings of the
Youth Corps de Ballet
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Our Students' Accomplishments
Students of Camria Ballet Academy have accomplished much in the dance world. One of our former
students. Jacqueline (Ladwig) Davidson, is currently the registrar of the School of Ballet Arizona, and
has numerous other credits, including being the principal of the Royal Winnipeg Ballet School. We are
very proud of you Jacqui!
Other Camria students have been accepted to many dance institutes around the world, including the
State Ballet of Missouri, Vail International, the University of Wisconsin dance program, Royal Winnipeg
Ballet, Milwaukee Ballet, Minnesota Ballet Academy, International Music Camp dance division, and the
Rosella Hightower International School of Dance in Cannes, France. Camria students have performed
with professional companies such as the National Ballet of Canada and Interlochen Arts Academy.
Several former students have become dance teachers and studio owners.
Camria  students have participated in numerous pageants and dance competitions, winning many
awards, trophies, medals, and titles.
Myths and Misconceptions
All female dancers are called ballerinas.         Untrue! Ballerina and Prima Ballerina are titles earned after
many               years of being a professional dancer. A ballerina is a principle female soloist of a company, and a
prima                       ballerina is the main principle dancer. The male counterparts are called
Danseur and Danseur

Pointe shoes are made of wood.        Untrue! Pointe shoes are actually constructed of several layers of gauze
and               other types of fabric which are hardened by a special glue.

Jazz dancing, its moves, costumes, and music are inappropriate for children.        Unfortunately this is often
true.             However, at Camria Ballet Academy we never use suggestive costumes or movements. Our music is
carefully              screened not only for inappropriate lyrics, but inappropriate content. Our dancers are always
presented in a                   classy, professional manner!