All information is TENTATIVE, approximate, and subject to change.

Location:         Camria Ballet Academy
                        Sunset Lanes Bldg, Second Floor
                        Hwy 75 North
                        Moorhead, MN

Bee: 218-233-4166 (call or text)

Tuesday, September 10th:
5:00pm Registration   

5:30pm audition - Very young students audition first, then the rest of the age groups all audition
together, since there are many roles the others can possibly be cast in.  All roles are cast during the
audition and by the end all dancers know what roles they have.  Some may even be double cast.
(More than one role)
6:30pm or 7:00pm -  After casting, the audition director will decide the order she would like to
rehearse the roles, and how much time she will need for each.  She and I will create the time schedule
for all days.  I will then meet with the parents and give them the time and day their child needs to be
there to learn their choreography. Rehearsals will run until 9:00pm for specific roles.

Wednesday and Thursday, September 11th and 12th:
Rehearsals will go from 5:00pm - 9:00pm. You will be informed of your time slot on audition day.

Fargo and Grand Forks performances:
You will be asked if you would be able to perform in one or both cities. It is my understanding that you
may opt out of one or the other performances at the time of registration.